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Spend your time analyzing data, instead of searching for it.

  • Visual data exploration
  • Responsive cross-filtering
  • Dynamic time range selection
  • Map and List view
  • Track platform trajectories and view graphs
  • Get the dataset you need in one file
  • Dynamic heat maps and quiver plots
  • Share datasets and bookmarks
  • Polygon selection tool
  • Access datasets via OPeNDAP
  • Download device-specific data

Intelligent Platform To Handle All Spatial Data Types

In Marinexplore, data are related to a specific location, depth and time.
Weaving data together from multiple sources greatly increases the value of individual measurements, further analysis, application outputs and forecasts.

Data Sources Include

  • GHRSST data product (L4)
  • NASA Aquarius satellite (L3)
  • NOAA NCEP (Wave Watch)
  • NOAA NCDC (Sea Winds)
  • NOAA ASCAT (Ekman currents)
  • NOAA AOML (Geostrophic currents)
  • NOAA in-situ and met-ocean platforms
  • Argo deep ocean floats
  • GTS buoys
  • Rutgers gliders
  • Liquid Robotics Wave Gliders (PacX experiment)
  • Ships of Oppurtunity Program
  • Global Carbon Cycle Program

In Summary

  • in-situ point measurements
  • Gridded data products
  • 10+ platform types (see below)
  • 40+ parameters

Track Measurement Location & Value With Data Monitor

Argo Float




GTS Buoy

Wave Glider


Marine Animal


Other platforms include Water Level Program Stations,
Shore Stations, Water Stations, Offshore Energy Units and other, unclassified platforms.

All the Data You Need in a Single File

Easily build a custom dataset in minutes


Filter data and time range
Use Polygon Tool to narrow down selection
select a single grid source to download
select a single platform to download



Build Bigger Datasets by Referring New Users

To provide the best performance and keep our service free, datasets are limited to 5 million measurements. Need more data? Refer users to increase your limit to over 25 million measurements.

Standard Limit Refer 5 Users Each Subsequent Referral
5 Million measurements per dataset
  • 5M Dataset Examples
  • 13 years of Wave Watch data
  • 8 years of Sea Winds data
  • 6 months of Wave Glider data
  • 3 months of global Argo data
  • 2 weeks of GHRSST data
25 Million measurements per dataset
  • 25M Dataset Examples
  • 65 years of Wave Watch data
  • 40 years of Sea Winds data
  • 30 months of Wave Glider data
  • 15 months of global Argo data
  • 10 weeks of GHRSST data
+3 Million measurements per dataset (100M Limit)
  • +3M Dataset Examples
  • +7.8 years of Wave Watch
  • +4.8 years of Sea Winds
  • +3.6 months of Wave Glider
  • +1.8 months of global Argo
  • +8 days of GHRSST
Create up to 3 datasets per day. Unlimited storage and download of created datasets. No fees, it's free.

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